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Why MotorPower Fuel System Cleaner ?

There is a lot of fuel system cleaners in the market, so how to know which fuel system cleaner really works and which is not a waste of money.
So first what are the challenges that we have in the fuel system when looking for a cleaner:
1- Moisture (water) that is caused by the change of temperature in the fuel tank and the fuel is hydroscopic which means it attracts more moisture.
2- Lubrication, since they took the led out of the fuel since it’s harmful to us and to the environment, there is not much left to lubricate the system since this is one of the important properties led was providing.
3- Over time oxidation causes corrosion (varnish lacquer and gum) to build up in the system.

Today I’m going to introduce MotorPower Care Fuel System cleaner, this product is a complete solution for the fuel system, First of all this is one of the very few products worldwide that is certified by TUV in Germany for the accuracy and solutions this product provides, Motorpower care fuel system cleaner properties:
1- Cleans & dissolves Gum, Varnish & Lacquer from the entire system
2- Binds with water removing moisture.
3- Lubricates & protects the fuel system.
4- Restores & increase gas millage and saves you lot on money on repairs on long term.
Keep your fuel system clean and protected.

A YouTube video link, comparison for few other fuel cleaner: https://youtu.be/c3UqHBrftTs

website: MPCare.com
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