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Fueling Issue. Need help!

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For some reason my car adapts to run super rich. I have changed both MAF and O2 sensor. I've run without the MAF and used lemmiwinks to trim down fuel levels. Still after 200 miles or so, the car readapts to run the same way. I get only 150 Miles to the half tank mark even with trim at less than -5.0. It just seems like the ECU is not even adjusting the mix.
Is that possible or what could it be?

Modified by Mosquito at 11:00 AM 9-9-2005
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Re: Fueling Issue. Need help! (Mosquito)

Re: Fueling Issue. Need help! (QuickK03Crap)

Revo 3bar. CAI.
Boost gauge reaches 17PSI with the F valve, but there is noticeable lag. I've done a pressure test before and found nothing, although I did hear a sort of dripping noise towards the oil pan from the engine at 20PSI. I don't know if thats normal or not. I know air from the open valves is.
A blown turbo would still allow the computer to adjust mix right?
Re: Fueling Issue. Need help! (Mosquito)

Dripping or pinging?
How do you know you are running rich?
Re: Fueling Issue. Need help! (Kor)

Clogged Cat, 240 Miles to the tank tops.
The car will ocationally. Say once every two months run great for 1 to 2 days. At that point. I get over 300 miles to the tank easily and fuel trims always go down even when they are within range. That not to mention car runs super strong. Usually its super weak in power.
Oh and its definately dripping. To ping I'd have to have car running right?

Modified by Mosquito at 12:20 PM 9-9-2005
Need pointers here.
Re: (Mosquito)

check to see if you have any boost leaks.....
Re: (T-Boy)

no boost leaks. I've done a pressure test.
Currently the car is running strong again. For some reason when it runs strong. It usually makes the manual shifter get nochier. when the car runs weak, the shifter is real flappi like. Thats how I can best describe it.
I dunno what's with my car. Just seems to have a mind of its own.
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