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I'm parting out a 2013 Golf R. Most of the big part are either sold or damaged.

What I do have are most interior parts and some leftover from the engine and chassis parts.

OEM Intercooler SOLD
OEM Turbo outlet pipe with hose and the turbo connector $75 shipped
OEM Engine cover intake and piping with new MANN Filter never used $100 shipped
OEM 2x Rear Mirror $20 shipped each
OEM 2x Battery Cover $15 shipped each
OEM Battery Tray $35+ shipping, one broken mount.
OEM Chargepipe hose $20 shipped
OEM Front bumper Tow hook cover 5K0807241DGRU $15 shipped
OEM Downpipe SOLD
OEM Catback 300+shipping
OEM 2x horns 10+shipping
Passenger side headlight, tabs are broken. 100+shipping,
Full interior parts
Driver door 200+shipping
Passenger door 200+shiping
Rear hatch with spoiler 400+shipping
Front Door card boards SOLD
Rear door card boards 60+shipping
Glovebox 80 $ shipping
Dashboard 300+shipping
Wiring harness 150 shipped
Spare tire tool kit 50+shipping
Gauge instrument cluster, ECU, locks, key and gateway modules 450+shipping
Window motor 25 each shipped
Passenger side visor shade 20 shipped
Drive side Pillar Panel cover 40 shipped
Passenger side Pillar Panel cover 40 shipped
Washer fluid reservoir tank 30$shipped
Climate control panel module 30 shipped
Rear bumper impact rebar 150 shipped
Front bumper impact rebar foam insert absorber 40 shipped
Windshield Wiper Arms 40 shipped
Driver side window regulator 40 shipped
Passenger side window regultator 40 shipped
Driver side outer Tailight 50 shipped
Driver side inner tailight 35 shipped
Rear Inner Fender Liner 40+ shipping
Seatbelts 30 shipped each
Shark fin antenna 35 shipped
BCM Body Control Module 100 shipped
headlight switch 15 shipped
Aluminum pedal covers all four 100 shipped
Rear bumper bracket retainer 45+shipping
passenger side support bracket guide 40 shipped
ac vent air duct complete set 100 shipped
034 motorsports dogbone kit SOLD
Engine and Transmission mounts 35 each or 60 both plus shipping.
Dynaudio front speakers SOLD
Dynaudio Driver tweeter 35 shipped
Dynaudio rear speakers 40 each shipped

If you need something and is not listed let me know and will verify if I still have it.

The car is located at Palm Bay, Fl, 32907.


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Id take the headlight but the front looks like crap. Whats all over it? Would it clean up?
Ken 5083315568
The plastic glass can be buffed out with sand or a kit that restore the lens. The headlight will not come with ballast or power module, just the headlight itself and the bulb. What is your shipping address to get a quote?
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