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trying to figure out my girlfriends car..under WOT, im experiencing a crazy surge, as you can see from this pic,... 2000 to 6000 rpm...Spikes at 20, holds 16-17, then the surge occurs.. I can hear the dv/bov go off, then it builds back up, spikes again at a lower value (15, 16..), then falls off, then by the looks of this graph it spikes again when i let off the throttle???

this happens in every gear, but only under WOT...If i roll it on smooth it will only spike at 15 then fall off and hold at 10, even tho it requests higher...

N249 removed, but plugged in...
Reversed Turbosmart Kompact DV/BOV
GIAC v.11
any ideas? tried to swap N75s with a H off my car...same thing. Tried a J, same thing, jsut less boost.
No vac leaks..
TB Slamming shut? the rpms do drop a smudge in the graph

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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