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funny front end sound

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I've been hearing a dull rattling or clicking sound from the front end (mostly passanger side) for a long time now. I think it's present all the time but I only hear it when I'm driving at very slow speed in my echoing aparment garage, especially when I slow down. It stops when the car does.
I've been to the dealer with the question a few times and they claim they can't even hear it. They say the car is safe to drive, though...
any thoughts?
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Re: funny front end sound (hiren_md)

I have the same problem, and the dealer told me it was normal (Don't they all ;-) ) The service guy said it's just the fuel injectors???
Re: funny front end sound (hiren_md)

If it only happens when your car is moving then it could be the one of the CV joints. They typically start to make a "clicking" sound when they need replacing. Check out the CV boots. See if either one is torn and/or leaking grease.
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