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Just an FYI for all of you who have bought this kit recently and wondered the same question I emailed below to [email protected]:
I recieved the "ECS/OEM Breather Update Kit" for the MKV GTI 2007 and as listed on your site, it comes with:
OEM Upgraded Regulator Valve (" E" Version)
Gasket for valve
Upgraded valve cover breather tube with internal check valve
I received all 3 but I was wondering if the breather tube was supposed to come with the Breather Tube Gasket ES#9880. On the description it states "this gasket is included in ES#7511". Since the ECS/OEM Breather Update Kit" includes the "Breather Tube ES#7511", I was wondering why it didn't come with the metal gasket ES#9880.

The response:
You are correct, that gasket should have been in there. I have sent a gasket out to you which should be to you the middle of next week (I had to order one in from our supplier). Our supplier changed that tube on us and started packaging them without the gasket, so thank you for helping us correct that in our kits
Again, this is an FYI--this is not a rant or a burn against ECStuning by any means. I firmly believe that ECStuning is a stand up company and will do business with them again.
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