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whats up folks. i finally convinced my girl to pick up a dub..yay for me. so anyhow shes getting a silver auto (yuk!) 91 cabrio. its got a white top. white leather interior and white door panels. i drove it and it drives pretty good. its got 170k miles on it, its the second owner. He has ALL the original receipts from the original owner. its been taken to the dealer numerous times for normal maintanence and also anything that went wrong with it. one reason it has high mileage is that the original owner used to drive out to California during the summer a lot. In the first year of ownership it racked up 40k miles!!! but thats no big deal, i will eventually drop a 2.0 crossflow in this puppy after the old 1.8 gives up. so anyhow....its really really clean..no rust..no dents...the paint just needs some good washing and a nice ol' wax. the interior is very clean..no rips, cracks or tears in the leather. the door panels are very clean as well. the front windows are the ones that are power. no squeaks or squeals when the windows go up and down. the top is white..the top has no tears or anything. looks very good..doesnt look faded like most other tops on cabrios. the motor doesnt burn oil or anything. the brakes were replaced not too long ago..meaning the calipers and rotors. the oil pressure sensor was replaced a little while ago too, it had the wrong one in there so it would always buzz. the timing belt was also changed..pretty much the normal maintanence was done to it. i drove it about 15 miles and the car ran very very smooth. the tranny is auto which sucks but it changed gears smooth...even when in park and shifting into drive or reverse the car didnt "jump" like most automatics do when changing gears. its got VW wheel with hubcaps..no biggie..its got a pretty nice alpine HU in there...the only things that have to be changed are..the power steering belt because it squeels when turning..no big deal..i did that on my old 1.8..thats very easy..the light for the MPH in the cluster is out..so that bulb needs replacing..no biggie..and the heater controls are a little messed up but the owner is throwing in a replacement..so once again..no big deal. the suspension is also smooth..the typical VW rattling sounds are non existant..the car rides smooth and nothing rattles or shakes or anything. it also needs a hole fixed thats in the exhaust system..right after the downpipe...so the exhaust leaks..thats like 30 bucks at the junkyard. The guy wants $1500 for it. i think thats not bad of a price..what do you guys think? i mean i know my VWs pretty well..and ive heard some stuff to look out for about cabrios..mostly the top and all. this car is honestly pretty clean..no rust like i mentioned....what else should i look for? i really want to have her hook it up..i want her to SLAM IT!! hahaha.....so what do you guys say?
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