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G60 block

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Is the G60 block the same blocks that are used for earlier VW diesel engines.
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Re: G60 block (vwg60saabturbo)

the G60 Block I believe is differant I know the rods and pistons are differant than other 8V gas engines.
please elaborate on why you want to know and we can give you more specifics of whether it will work or not. Frank
Re: G60 block (Corrado Alley)

Only reason why I ask is I'm having water pump\ timing belt new cam seals done. It's something the mechanic just blurted out. I wanted to see if that was correct
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Re: G60 block (vwg60saabturbo)

yeah I'm sure the block is differant now because I remember when I was trying a G60 bracket on a ABA motor it had a differant bolt pattern for the waterpump. I mentioned this to a another diehard VW guy and he said its not the ABA being differant from other 4 cylinders its the G60 being differant from the rest. So yes the mechanic was right
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