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G60 Engine mods??? !!!

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Hey guyz,
U guyz have any idea as to wut kinda engine mods you can do with a Corrado G60 engine???
I have a couple of ideas but id like to hear some of yours...
Ps:U may also include the extra power this might add!!!
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Re: G60 Engine mods??? !!! (bigkawim)

u just opened a huge can-o-worms. check this thread it has a bunch of ideas http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=160910
Re: G60 Engine mods??? !!! (bigkawim)

Mmmmm !! well let C !! how about what whatever u want !!
Re: G60 Engine mods??? !!! (G60PwR)

Umm..i want some ideas....
thats why im asking!!!!
Re: G60 Engine mods??? !!! (bigkawim)

There's an infinite number of possibilities.
The most common mod package is a "Stage 3 Kit," which consists of a chip, pulley, and an FPR. Add on top an exhaust/intake, and then an ISV re-route or boost check valve. This will total $400-$750, and get you appx. 165hp/175tq @ wheels.
A Stage 4 Kit adds a different chip & a different cam than the Stage 3. Cost is the same. Expect appx. 175hp/185tq @ wheels.
Then there's the Lysholm supercharger option. Cost is $2,699. With the same accompanying mods and a high boost pulley on the Lysholm charger, expect appx. 185-200hp/200-210tq @ wheels. You may also want to invest in 30# injectors at this point, $185 or so.
Turbo conversion. Cost varies depending on your choices and accessories. It can be done (bare-bones) for $1,600. However, to do it right, and with a decent turbocharger, expect to spend $3,000 once the correct accessories and electronics have been purchased. You will need fuel system mods, a specially mapped chip, and you may consider an upgraded intercooler (not necessary though.) Power will vary depending on the setup and boost levels. Expect appx. 175-225hp/210-260tq @ wheels.
Headwork will make one hell of a difference at 15psi and beyond. So will a specially tuned exhaust system (2.5" would be nice at that point, to maximize the breathing potential of the high boost motor with headwork...2.75 wouldn't be out of the question depending on your preferences). Combine the headwork and exhaust with a racing downpipe (also 2.5")...expect another 30hp from those mods in unison, easily.
A decent ignition system and aftermarket coil will (believe it or not) make a difference you can feel, once you're Stage 3 or beyond. Cost will be $200-$350. Power gains will be in the ~10hp range.
Stand alone fuel management? 1.9, 2.0 or 2.1L conversions? Limited slip differential? AWD Syncro setup? It's all possible. What do you want to spend?? http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Welcome to the club. You can start signing your paychecks over to the car now. You'll see.
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Re: G60 Engine mods??? !!! (URIN 2ND)

wow thats amazing!!!
I wanna put aprox 8K's on the car and about 4.5K's on the mods...
Wud u think...would that open new possibilities???
(i dont own the car just yet!!!)
1 thing is bothering me thow...a stock G60 is a 1781cc eight-valve unit. It develops 160Hp at 5600rpm with 165lb-ft of torque at 4000rpm...right???
Then why is it that if i add a 15Psi turbo i only get 175Hp???
Shouldent it be better than that???
Anywais i really aprchiate your help and more is alwais welcome!!!
thx alot,
Re: G60 Engine mods??? !!! (bigkawim)

Forgot too add 1 thing!!!
As much as i want my corrado to be powerfull...reliability is also a key factor so plz take that into consideration!!!
Once more...thx,
Re: G60 Engine mods??? !!! (bigkawim)

Tons of options. Urin 2nd has some good suggestions. The Dyno numbers will very from motor to motor.
A friend of mine has a Stage III kit and an RS charger and he pulled 172HP on the dyno. I've also seen Stage IVs only pull 164HP.
See my sig for one example of mods.
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