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G60 rebuild?

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hey, my '91 G60's G-ladder has apparently gone out, and i was wondering what thats going to do to my engine as a whole? besides making me a heck of a lot slower, will the blown charger affect my engine at all? ive heard that parts of it can break up and get sucked into my intake and screw up my engine. but i wasnt sure that was entirely accurate... drop me a line if you know something. thanks yo. peace out.
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Re: G60 rebuild? (cakoelling)

Apparently gone out in what respect? If the cogged belt broke and it grenaded a hole in the charger, then yes, you will be sucking in the blown bits of metal. If its just spit a strip, then it will be in your IC piping somewhere, or in the silencer box. If it just doesn't put out boost, you should probably bypass it until you can afford a rebuilt or a rebuildable core and rebuild.
Re: G60 rebuild? (sold on expense)

Take it out or bypass it ASAP, don't leave it to chance. Even if you can't afford a rebuild or inspection right away, you're probably better off with the charger out of the car if you suspect it's damaged in any way.
Leaving it on your car could cause additional damage to the charger or very bad damage to the rest of your engine.
For suggestions on who to send it to for the rebuild, check the rebuilder rating thread in the g60 forum.
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