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G60 shifting problems!

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I'v had about enough of this notchy ness! where on the net can I pick up a rebuild kit and good info on adjusting the linkage! thanks Adam
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Re: G60 shifting problems! (1993jetta GL)

what is wrong with your shifting?, mine is kinda notchy too sometimes and sticks or grinds a bit sometimes. When I took it to my mechanic he said it was because my clutch wasn't disenguaging all the way and was sticking on the shaft. I also read that some of the g60's have this problem, is there an easy fix?
Re: G60 shifting problems! (Nickswagen)

My linkage gets caught between first and second and a bunch of other places! it just sucks! my friend with a VR6 without the shift weight shifts like butter!
Re: G60 shifting problems! (1993jetta GL)

Try changing your tranny fluid to synthetic, like Redline. It smoothed out my shifting ALOT. Make sure you get MT-90, it's the one for our 02A tranny. It takes like 20 minutes. Also, you can try bleeding the slave and master cylinder to further enhance the shifting.
As for as adjusting the linkage, check out http://www.corrado-club.com/corrado/ and click on the "Tech Tips".
Let me know if got any questions regarding the procedures above.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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