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G60 subframe- Will it work for a VR?

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Is it strong enough for a VR6?? Thanks in advance..
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Re: G60 subframe- Will it work for a VR? (Ricks8vGTi)

it wont work too much cutting
If you have to use a mk2 subframe use the vr6 from the corrado subframe
less poop to deal with. Other wise you better be good at welding.
Re: G60 subframe- Will it work for a VR? (Ricks8vGTi)

You can keep your stock K-frame (rear) and use Vibratechnics VR6 rear mount $250. the front subframe can be retained but you'll have issues with the P/S pump and the front mount. There is also a Vibrtechnics front mount for the VR6, but for far less headaches the Passat B3/4 and SLC Corrado are ideal.
If you must have a rear K-frame, the G/J3 (8v/VR6) will fit, it's ideal to source a VR6 as the control arms and sway bar will still be attached (plus suspension). Finding one with the brakes & struts mounted is even a better find.
Others have tilted the stock front 8v mount to line up to the VR6. I assume by using some washers and a longer bolt. I'm not a fan of this setup, since I've killed many stock hydraulic 8v front mounts with a puny GX 85hp 8v engine.
Good luck.
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