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g60 swap or calaway turbo kit?

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I'm stuck between swaping in a g60 or keeping the original engine and putting a turbo kit on it. The turbo kit seems easier but the g60 is built to withstand positive manifold presure. This will be going into a 88' Cabriolet.thanks for the help.
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Re: g60 swap or calaway turbo kit? (gt90typer)

I'm a big G60 fan but I think I have to give the nod to the Callaway Cabby combo. That combination just seems classic. MK1s with Callaways just seem right to me.
You can't go wrong with either.
Yes, the G60 was built for boost. On the other hand I have a friend with a Car that had a Callaway turbo installed right after the motor was broken in. It's a 1984 GTI with 110,000 miles. The compression is nearly perfect after all those boosted miles.
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