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G60 wiring diagram..

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i need it for an standalone engine management system.. this will be the deciding factor if i go chip tuning equiptment or engine management.. does anyone have this they can post or email me..
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Re: G60 wiring diagram.. (onequickg60)

There is a Russian vw site where you can download all the Corrado wiring diagrams and other corrado repair info, but I don't have the adress here.
I have it at home, though.
Re: G60 wiring diagram.. (brilliantyellowg60)

It's not that one, that is the ETKA.
It's another one, with all the files in pdf format to download. Entire wiring diagram, etc.
Re: G60 wiring diagram.. (CorradoFANATIC)

really, post the link if anybody finds it, please!
Re: G60 wiring diagram.. (PAGTI91)

The had it on the Corrado Club of Canada, too.
It was http://volkswagen.msk.ru
Here is the 1990 diagram:
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