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I know there've been dyno charts posted and all of that, but can someone just give me the cold, hard numbers? What are the increases that I could expect with my MkIV Jetta VR6 (2000)? Both at the wheels and at the crank?

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Re: Gains for VR6 with Upsolute chip??? (Meats00GLX)

You can get the hard cold numbers from the dyno posts:

Gains at the wheels for this plot are: 13.53HP
To get at the crank numbers you can compensate for the drive train loss using the pct you feel more comfortable with. I have read of drive train loss claims in the range of 0.125 to 0.175.
code:[HR][/HR] WHP
------------- = BHP
Other method would be to use proportions:
code:[HR][/HR]Stock WHP Upped WHP
--------- = ---------
Stock BHP Upped BHP

146.01HP 157.54HP
-------- = --------
174.00HP X

X= 187.74HP[HR][/HR]​
so at the crank gain would be 13.74HP

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