Euro fans from all over made the pilgrimage to the great white north (more like great gray north, this particular weekend) to take in the revelry and excess of Eurokracy. Set just outside Montreal, at the ICAR circuit, the show was an exhibit, a track day, a place for silliness, and much more all rolled into one.

Although not strictly a VW show, the majority of attendants rolled in behind the wheel of a people's car. Everything was on display from the totally unmodified and pedestrian, to the wild and ridiculously unique, to cars that could best be described as hyper.

Given its location, Eurokracy's attendants were also able to take their cars on track, leading to excellent scenes between Golfs and NSXs and Corvettes and M3s, all of which proved that it's as much about how you drive as it is about what you drive.