Close watchers of the Volkswagen Scirocco model may remember the most recent GTS offering introduced earlier this year in Shanghai . This limited edition model features any number of visual upgrades to separate itself, and these latest images from Volkswagen France help show off even more detail.


Historians amongst us will point out to you that the GTS as a sub-model was first introduced on the Scirocco back in 1982. That was the same time as the introduction of the Scirocco Mk2 for those keeping score.


It's true, the Volkswagen Scirocco still isn't sold in America. Fans of the model looking to have their own Stateside have taken to re-facing the Volkswagen Eos from what we've seen, though it'll not be until the next all-new generation car before we have a remote chance of seeing the Scirocco reappear on these shores... and even then that is uncertain.


So what good are photos like this if we can't have it? Well, beyond being a complete tease, the most ardent OEMplus modders out there may actually see some cool bits they'd like for their own car. Those wheels are pretty handsome, though it may be the interior bits that are more attainable to someone seeking an absolutely unique touches with OE quality.


We've added these new marketing shots to this story and have the rest of the PR shots released from Shanghai in our photo gallery archive linked to the right. In the meantime, check out more from Volkswagen France .