The Volkswagen Group’s “simply clever” brand Skoda is working hard to bring electricity to its lineup, and it’s showing off its first fully electric Vision E concept again in Frankfurt this week.

The Vision E was first unveiled in Shanghai back in April, but Skoda has brought an updated version with it to Germany this year. Like VW’s I.D. Crozz II, Skoda has updated the front and rear to better resemble the eventual production version of the car.

The headlights now have a new shape and a very Crozz-like light bar joining them. Out back the LED taillights have been redesigned to be more expressive. New wheels also adorn the concept. So nothing too earth shattering.


The Skoda is based on VW’s MEB platform, which in this guise has motors up front and at the rear. As a result, the SUV has four-wheel drive, some 300 hp, and 310 miles of range, according to Skoda.

As ever, the platform hides the batteries under the floor. In concert with the compact motors, this gives designers a lot of freedom, so the car can essentially look like whatever the designers want it to look like, as can the interior.

Although it means a relatively high seating position, the platform pushes the wheels out to extremities and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the car. That allows for surprisingly good handling dynamics, says VW, as well as more cargo space than you’d expect from a bigger car.

The Vision E is part of the wider VW Group’s effort to lead the electric revolution. With VW claiming that it will offer electric drivetrain options for every one of its models, all of the group brands will have to participate in the electric push.