VW Vortex was in Los Angeles last week for the Auto Show and before the show really took off, we stopped off at the Petersen Automotive Museum to take a look at all the ridiculously rare cars. Once there, we happened upon the Bugatti exhibition.

For those who have never been, as soon as you enter the Petersen, before you've even paid for your ticket, you get see some pretty crazy cars, which in this case were the Bugatti Chiron and a wooden boat, which it turns out was made by one of the Bugatti family.

Walk straight in and take a right past the one-off Ghia-bodied Cadillac built for Rita Hayworth , and you'll find an enormous room full of a range of art, furniture, and cars made by the Bugatti family.

The collection is, frankly, unbelievable. Whether you're a fan of classic Bugs' or not, it's hard not to be impressed just by the enormity of the collective value of the room.

If you are a fan of Bugatti, though, there's so much there. From the Atlantic to the Shah of Iran's car to the Royale and its fridge-sized engine sitting in a corner of the room, it's a pretty wild experience.

Take a look at all the incredible Bugattis in the gallery above.