Today's gallery, our last featuring Ultimate Dubs 2016 show cars, we give you everything that didn't fit neatly into another category. These cars are as unique as they are lovely.

Despite being made up of a diverse bunch of vehicles, a few threads still connect them. Of course, the stance of almost all of these cars has been worked on, and most of them are fractions of an inch off the road (or carpet in this case). Wheels, mostly enlarged, are the centerpiece of many of these designs, too.

This was a category for cars that didn't fit in, though, so there are still some anomalies. The Jetta drag car, for instance, is a welcome oddity, and the Caddy with the engine out of an R32 is genius.

And that's the charm of this gallery. Quirky builds can be pretty unrewarding, but they can make some of the most interesting and inspiring cars.