LANSING, Mich. – Air Lift Performance, a leader in high-performance air suspension systems, has taken air management technology to the next level with the new Air Lift Performance 3H system . The most advanced product ever created by the design and engineering experts at Air Lift Performance , 3H is the result of three years of development and testing. This powerful, reliable height and pressure system brings together the latest technology, and excellent design to offer an innovative user experience.

Air Lift Performance 3H combines pressure-based control with ride height sensing technology, allowing the system to factor both height and pressure together, so the right height can be achieved without radical differences in pressure. With up to five custom presets, the system quickly adjusts to and maintains height and/or pressure with the push of a button.

A major objective for the 3H system was to improve the way consumers interacted with their vehicles. One key aspect is the carefully-designed controller, crafted to be very easy to hold and use. Inside of its black anodized, billet aluminum casing, the controller has a full-color TFT display with an adjustable backlight, it provides at-a-glance status of height and pressure conditions and displays the tank pressure, with four corner height or pressure readings to control each individual air spring. The intuitive design of the soft touch keypad features buttons that allow physical feedback, so the system can be adjusted without having to look at. the controller.


The keypad can be configured to work horizontally, allowing the controller to be turned sideways and used in a landscape position. The threaded holes in the back allow the user to mount the control in their dash, or in any custom configuration. A mico USB cable flush-mounts on the back of the controller so that it can maintain a low, clean profile in the vehicle.

An innovative alternative to using the controller is the free mobile app available for iOS and Android devices (coming soon) which communicates directly with the manifold. No additional components are required, and users receive the latest system firmware h updates through the app directly to the manifold and controller over the Bluetooth connection.


The compact, fully integrated manifold of the 3H system is designed with the ECU, manifold and Bluetooth module in one complete unit for a clean and simple install. The single harness connection also simplifies wiring, and the overall compact design, harness connector location, and rotatable logo plate allow for limitless placement options.

Advanced 32-bit processing power drives the height and pressure algorithms for precise 4-corner control, with height sensing technology that provides the ability to control the system with a unique, angular sensor arm that improves upon the straight design that was available in the market. Designed to reduce tension and ensure increased sensor life, it has been torture-tested over 3,000,000 cycles (simulating 300,000 miles driven) for maximum performance.


All hardware and software have been subjected to rigorous environmental, real world tests. The manifold and controller were baked to 167°F (74°C) and arctic chilled to -40°F to simulate various climates. The manifold was subjected to 1,500 PSI water spray to ensure that the unit would stay free of water and dust. On top of that, 100% of the manifolds are end of line tested on state-of-the-art validation equipment. Like the Performance Series suspension produced by Air Lift Performance, the control system is designed for maxium durability and performance. Air Lift Performance incorporated an accelerometer in the manifold to allow the system to detect movement of the vehicle, so it can make accurate and intelligent adjustments at the right time. To handle changes in load or driving conditions such a cornering, the system’s anti-cross loading and axle equalization allows the system to consider both height and pressure measures together – to achieve the right height without radical differences in pressure.

The 3H features a show mode that allows users to turn the car off and continue to control the system with the controller or the free mobile app. A rise on start function allows users to turn the key and the system takes the car right to the programmed ride height.


For clean and easy installation, the 3H system’s key components require less drilling, wiring and take up less space than other air management systems. The user-friendly focus of the 3H system continues after installation with easy to follow calibration documents and intuitive controller menus.

Created to offer maximum system value, the 3H system comes with everything for height and pressure control, and can be connected to existing compatible height sensors.. Users can also start with the Air Lift Performance 3P pressure based system and upgrade to a 3H system later with a height system upgrade.


Air Lift Company supports the Air Lift Performance 3H and 3P control system s with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser against any manufacturer defects.

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