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Garage Lighting

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Looking for recommendations on garage lighting, in the garage at the house I use a couple cheap LED strip lights from Costco, they do the job fine, but looking to see what other options are out there for the detached garage. At the moment, the lighting would need to be able to attach across the roof trusses (open ceiling, at some point it may get closed in, but not for a while).

I was looking at these Tunable White LED Panel Light - 2x4 - 6,300 Lumens - 50W Dimmable Light Fixture and feel like I saw someone mention them on here a while back. If I go with those, I was thinking that I can make a frame using 2x4 spanning the truss width and then mount the panels to that. I also don't know how many I would need to evenly illuminate it, overall size is about 1,100sq ft. I actually don't need the entire area illuminated every time I am in there, so being able to turn off some lights is a bonus.

Are those panels likely to be any good? Or, should I just look at shop lights that can be daisy chained together? Or, something I am missing entirely.
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I have a set of these that replaced the CFL lights. It's nice to have the flexibility to string them along and space them out to targeted areas. (LOL I posted in the other thread, but they are great... and the brand I bought doesn't exist anymore)

I've been looking at these. I'm not sure how I'd wire them though. My garage has a one outlet, besides the garage door opener outlet, and two light sockets. Would it make sense that I could wire these LED fixtures into the space currently occupied by the light sockets? They're both on the same switch.
I would try that with the hard wire kit included, then continue to the daisy-chain them from there. I didn't have light sockets, just a few switched outlets (which the CFL's were plugged into), so I just plugged mine in. But as Barry said, they have little clips that you can mount them anywhere and they're really light (low mass).
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