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gasket on TB?

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if the gaskets still look good once the TB is removed could you reuse them or is it better to just get new ones? also anyone know the part # for the vac. tube (3.5mm i.d. ) that goes from the TB to the ecu?
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Re: gasket on TB? (back in black)

I reused the gasket for the TB when I did the butterfly mod, and have had no issues. As for the part no. for that hose, don't worry about the part number as your local dealership sells the hose on a per foot basis (cloth cover with yellow strip) and you will need the hose to be EXACTLY 1 meter long, as the ECU uses air pulses in the line as it way of monitoring how things are going. Thus if you alter the length of the hose you alter the number of air pulses in the line and will throw all the reading off, causing many different problems from eratic idling, rough throtle response, etc.
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