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gauge cluster for an audi

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my buddy's audi quattro coupe had its gauge cluster go out, so he's driving without a clue about what his engine speed or vehicle speed is. anybody here know where he can get a replacement gauge cluster set?
he found an S3 gauge cluster set for $800.
i hope he doesnt buy THAT.
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Re: gauge cluster for an audi (maskedSONY)

Re: gauge cluster for an audi (MtnSurferX)

Re: gauge cluster for an audi (maskedSONY)

try a junk yard or the audiworld classifieds.. sometimes they get junked.. or just get some big dummy lights and put them on his dash
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Re: gauge cluster for an audi (DuckyGTI)

Does it have the 1.8T engine in it? If so, chip it, and all your problems will be solved. It'll even feed the starving children in ethopia once chipped.
Did you/them check out to see if there's any stupid problems, like bad connectors, fuses, something that can be repiared for a lot cheaper than a new instrument cluster??
Re: gauge cluster for an audi (Big-GTI-Guy)

That's definitely a good idea, to check for stupid problems first. Make sure it's getting good power, good ground.
If it is and it still doesn't work, then replace it; but it shouldn't be that expensive. A gauge cluster at my local DIY junkyard is $25. No Quattro Coupes or 4000s there to pull the dash from, though.
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