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There is somebody on the E36M3 Digest that's doing a GB on a good floor jack (a very good one it seems).
Here is the e-mail I got:
here's the new deal:
The AC Hydraulic floor jack group purchase from the Ultimate Garage has
been updated based on initial feedback. The deal is now as follows:
The group purchase price applies to the following jacks with a total
purchase of only six assorted jacks:
DK20 $189
DK20Q $209
DK13HLQ $299
DK20HLQ $414
Rubber jack pads for these jacks will be $10
All additional AC Hydraulic jack accessories including the AC Hydraulic
jack stands will be offered at 10%-15% off depending on the total size
of our order (TBD).
Here's a link to view the jacks and accessories: http://www.ultimategarage.com/acjacks.html
Payment will be to me via money order or PayPal only (non-credit card
only since I don't have a business account). I'll then pay Steve at the
Ultimate Garage and have the jacks drop shipped to each of you (shipping
costs based on your shipping address to be included in your payment).
I'll seek buyers until the 15th of this month.
To get in on the purchase, just send and email to
[email protected] with a subject of "AC Hydraulic Jack GP".
Please use this subject as I'm filtering my inbox on that to be sure to
catch everyone who wants to get in - I get a lot of mail and may miss
you otherwise. If you've already responded no need to re-send. Don't
need to add anything else at this time unless you have some specific
question. I'll reply to each person with additional info on payment and
Ron Katona
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