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While I'd like to do a full upgrade of the suspension, the budget does not currently allow or it. Also, I'm not thoroughly versed in suspension lore, so bear with me if I'm talking like an insane person...
The car in question: 1992 Jetta Carat, 8v, slushbox, 100k mi., stock as stock can be.
-Under moderate to hard cornering, when hitting minor bumps in the road, the rear end staggers out a bit. As in, it hops towards the outside of the corner. A few surface irregularities in a row, and one must either brake or counter steer a bit, till it grabs again, then all is well (until the next bump).
-On straight-on bumps such as RR tracks, or expansion plates on a bridge, there is sometimes a 'clank' in the front end.
Known issues:
-I believe the strut bushings are due for replacement, as the strut tops poke up about half an inch, and the bushing rubber is no longer tight inside the opening in the fender.
-Rear spring perches/bushings (the rubber pieces at the top of the springs) are fairly worn, and appear to have some dry-rot.
-car passes the 'bounce' test for bad shocks, no oil leakage on shock/strut shafts.
-Would the various bushings mentioned above being old/bad (probably original) cause the symptoms noted? I was under the impression, from years ago in a short-lived Rabbit experience, that bad struts were the usual culprit in the hop-to-the-outside-of-the-curve scenario, but I'm wondering if ply/looseness can cause the same symptoms.
-I don't mind going back in in a while to replace the struts/shocks, just can't do it now. Should I hold off on replacing the bushings, until I can cover new struts as well...given that they pass the visual and bounce tests?
-Are there other places I should also be looking to solve this?
The car just passed state inspection, so I'm not expecting anything to blow up or fall off, but I'd like to get a little stability back into the ride.
Any help greatly appreciated...

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