German tuning firm MTM has taken a completely new approach to optimization for their latest T6 Transporter, adding an 42hp electric motor to the rear of the vehicle in addition to the usual combustion engine upgrades.  In this case, the Geneva-bound T6 e-motion's 2.0 TDI power plant is the recipient of a software tune that boosts output to 240hp, making total output a combined 282hp.  MTM says the truck will sprint to 62mph in about eight seconds, which while not the fastest we've ever seen, is quite impressive for a vehicle of this size and shape.

Not seen in the press photos are the T6 e-motion's massive 405mm rotors, and 20" MTM Bimota wheels.  More than just about performance, this concept gives us what could possibly be the future of performance modification, blending traditional power tweaks with electric propulsion systems in order to improve both performance and efficiency.

The T6 e-motion will be on display at this year's Geneva Motor Show, beginning tomorrow in Geneva, Switzerland.