Pickup trucks are as American as apple pie.  V8-swaps equally so.  So then it makes sense that MTM, a German tuning firm, would put a V8 in a German pickup to display at an event in Switzerland... right?

Ok, maybe not.  But no matter which way you cut it, MTM's Amarok V8 Passion Desert is certainly an interesting proposition, using Volkswagen's 4.2 TDI and a host of interior and exterior upgrades to create an extremely enticing package.  And with 430hp and nearly 700 ft-lbs of torque on tap, the Amarok Passion Desert is something we'd gladly park in our garage.

The complete package as it appears here can be had for an eye-watering $218,230, due in part to the $104,281 V8 conversion, and $20,504 interior treatment.  Check out additional images of the truck above, and keep an eye out for additional coverage of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show next week.