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This kit features OE quality components, all made in Spain by RTS, and represents an excellent value. Yes, there are a lot of cheaper kits on the market that are made to sell at a lower price point, mostly produced in Asia with quality level corresponding to the low price. We just won't go there. These components are critical to safety, and we don't feel the risk of questionable parts is worth trying to save a few bucks. Plus, if you have to do the job again in 12 months due to failed components, have you really saved anything?


8 Control arms with bushings and ball joints (4 upper, 4 lower)
2 Sway bar end links
2 Outer tie rod ends
Mounting hardware

Note: The lower rearward control arms in this kit have the original type hydraulic inner bushings.

* * * *

Also available are HEAVY DUTY KITS with upgraded lower rearward control arm bushings. Replaces all common wear items in front suspension. Upgraded bushings provide improved steering response and longer service life.

Note: This heavy duty kit includes upgraded components. The lower rearward control arms in this kit have solid rubber inner bushings. All upper arms have stiffer rubber inner bushings from the Audi S4. The outer tie rod ends are the solid body (no rubber isolator) type from the Audi S4.

* * * *

RTS has been producing OE quality suspension and steering components in Spain since 1983. Their own design, engineering, original equipmemt testing and manufacturing esperience have made RTS products a European quality benchmark.
All RTS products are made in Spain, not sourced globally and re-boxed like many other brands.

Audi S4, 2.7L V6 Twin-turbo, mid '00 (from chassis number Y_080001) thru '02
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