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We feel that refurbishing your original axle shaft with OE quality joint kits is a higher quality alternative to aftermarket axle assemblies, yet is still cost effective. Our refurbish kits include new inner and outer OE quality Metelli brand CV joints, boots, grease and hardware required for installation.

Why spend the additional time and money to refurbish your original axles with OE quality joints? Two reasons: First, the Metelli CV joints are higher quality than those supplied on aftermarket axle assemblies. Second, you will retain your original vehicle-specific axle shaft. Aftermarket axle assemblies use a generic solid axle shaft, while many OE axles use a large diameter tubular or solid/tubular design. You will be better off with your original axle shafts.

Whether you decide to refurbish your original axle with our joints kits or install an aftermarket axle assembly, you’re going to have the old axle out of the car either way. We highly recommend the refurbishing kit. Yes, you will spend a little extra time and get a little greasier (hint: we sell rubber gloves), but the end result will run smoother and last longer than an aftermarket axle assembly.

*If your original axle shaft is bent or otherwise damaged then refurbishing it is obviously not appropriate.*

**Metelli joints are made to OE specs and are designed to be exact fit replacements on original equipment shafts. If your car has aftermarket axles in it now we cannot guarantee compatibility or performance on aftermarket shafts.

Jetta/Golf Mk3, 2.8L VR6 1993-99, Cabrio 1995-2002 LEFT RIGHT

Jetta/Golf Mk3, 2.0L 8V, 1993-99, Cabrio 1995-2002 ***Manual transmission*** LEFT RIGHT

Jetta/Golf Mk3, 2.0L 8V, 1993-99, ***Automatic transmission***, ***without airbag*** LEFT RIGHT

Jetta/Golf Mk3, 1.9L TDI, 1997-99 ***Manual transmission*** LEFT RIGHT

*Check our catalog to confirm that you select the correct kit for your vehicle
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