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Hello fellow German dubbers,

I wanted to finally introduce myself BACK into the VW scene, now in Germany.

I have been a member on the 'tex since 2006 (mostly active in the infamous Pacific Northwest forum) when I bought my first dub, a Mk4 GTI 1.8T (Wolfsburg-built). I took the GTI a couple of different directions back then (pictures below, questionable taste back then :rolleyes:) and added a Mk1 GTI to my collection as a project car in 2009.
I had to sell both when I moved over here back in 2011 and have been "dubless" since :banghead:

At the beginning of March I finally got the keys and back behind the wheel of my next dub now here overseas, a Mk6 GTD Orxy White with an (almost) complete package. I bought it from a German girl in Bavaria that kept it super clean and it looks and feels still very new, she even cried when I rolled away with it, a real VW fan.
Diesel will be a new challenge for me but I like to keep things interesting :thumbup::)

I look forward to do some light modifications (OEM+, pushing TÜV to the boudaries :laugh:) and hope to meet some of you other like-minded crazy European dubber expats at future shows/meets, maybe even at the Wörthersee meet that I finally can attend with my own ride! :thumbup:.

Next up should be a software tune (especially if VW forces me to update my software after the whole Dieselgate scandal) over at MTB Fahrzeugtechnik (up to 205 HP / 315 FT-LB Torque, highly regarded shop for tuning on German VW forums) and maybe a nice set of wheels, and smoked tails, minor mods.

Anyone else making it out to the See this year?
Would be cool to organize a group drive.

Cheers, and greetings from Nürnberg,



Mk4 GTI:

Boser Hood & Joey Modded Headlights (first major body modifications):

GLI Front-End Swap (as I sold it):

Mk6 GTD:

As purchased, with DCC, tinted rear windows, oryx white metallic paint job, stock Seattle 17" wheels

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