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Getaway in Stockholm 2

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Has anyone seen this video yet? Or should I put my flame suit on?
If not, I'll explain. A 450 HP Supra and a 450 HP Escort Cosworth race through Stockholm at 200mph. The coolest video I have ever seen. Unfortuneately it's 259 megs. 26 minutes. The best 40 minute wait for a download ever. SO worth it.
I got it off of Kazaa or Morpheus. Search for "getaway". When you get the results, Download "Getaway in Stockholm 2". Also, 911 Getaway in Stockholm is the first one. Also worth it.
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Re: Getaway in Stockholm 2 (Moosar)

Yeah, there was a long thread about this a little less than a month ago. Somebody posted a link that didn't work, then there was about a 50-post search for someone to host it. Definitely worth the download.
Its too bad that they couldnt get more cameras to shoot the thing, it would have been nice to have a chase view of the Cossie too. Can you imagine how much better the video would have been if they got a copter to follow like they planned?
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Re: Getaway in Stockholm 2 (dingoaaron)

I agree, while seeing the Supra haul is nice, there are a lot of Supra videos on the net. I would much rather have seen a view from the Supra of the Escort hauling ass. Escort Cossies are one of my favorite cars, and damn does it ever sound good.
By the sounds of it, the police won't allow a third Getaway in Stockholm to be shot next summer, though.
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