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gettin sponsored

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How dose someone go about gettin their car sponsored. Who would they want to talk to and send pics too. I know its probably hard to get a vw sponsored but its worth a shot
thanks everyone for the help
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Re: gettin sponsored (da frog)

it takes alot to get sponsered...youll probally want to send a resume..with mods, accomplishments...magazine shoots etc. but im not 100 % sure on everything
Re: gettin sponsored (da frog)

for what ?
Actully talk to lee in the A4 forum
Re: gettin sponsored (EvoVEnto)

Re: gettin sponsored (EvoVEnto)

I mean it hasnt been in ay shows yet, its really more being done for speed. Ijust got it back and its like totally done up, u name it and it probably has it. 18s lowered, everything is shaved and so on
Re: gettin sponsored (da frog)

It's catch twenty two. You want sponsorship to save cash I assume, but you need to spend large cash and go all out to deserve sponsorship anyway. Set up a game plan and present it to a shop with 10 or 15 grand, and tell them you want to be a rolling catalog for their company, then go and refer a bunch of people to their store. Then you might get it.
[edit] your last post wasn't there when i wrote this - if you want to focus on speed, find a good performance shop who is looking for a project to mess around with and get to all the races.. with a logo on your car.. i dunno, you're mostly better off just spending the cash and getting stuff like everyone else. then refer people to your chosen company if you like their stuff, and they will reward you with good deals in the future

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Re: gettin sponsored (LostBoyScout)

if i had 1 or 15 grand i wouldnt need them, i am running low now because of all the body work i just got done. I mea it my car would be an awsome car to have somones name on it. I get looks everywere i go all day long
Re: gettin sponsored (da frog)

It takes spending money to get free stuff! Building relationships with tuners(not window shopping for the absolute cheapest place.) repeat customers get taken care of. You need to market yourself. It is very nice to get sponsorshipshttp://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: gettin sponsored (RENNSPORT_Passalt)

So you want to get sponsored?
Well first off i've spent over 50 grand on my car and I'm not sponsered. Just because you spend alot of money on your car doesn't mean your gonna get sponsored.
Why do you want to get sponsored?
In most cases even when you are sponsored you may not get things for free. Many times vendors will sell you the items at cost or at a dealer rate. They will also need proof that your car is going o be around the show circuit to promote their product. Most of the cars you see driving around with company logos on there cars are not sponsored. They just like the product, or just like stickers on their cars.
So, in short do what you can to your car on your own. Thats what I've done. I do a lot of bartering with people that do fabricating and bodywork. You relly should just build your car to how you like it and enjoy it.
Re: gettin sponsored (vwtechnician)

Sometimes you just luck out and a potential sponsor will approach you. This happened to me for two reasons. First, I autocross and show my car so it gets a lot of visibility. Secondly, I happen to know my sponsor through the club scene.
Re: gettin sponsored (A3Jetta)

Sorry this is long, but I'm sponsored by a few companies so this will give you an idea what I did...
It is possible to get sponsorship. You need the right attitude, to be involved in the car scene in one way or another heavily, and you have to have lots of way to give them exposure. Having a car that get's looks doesn't do anything for the company. (no offence)
Im sponsored by Nitrous Express, Quaife America, Advanced Clutch Technology and Skunk2. I drive my car on the street, but I mainly 1/4mile race it. Im at every event, and win quite a bit too. I'm a walking sales person for their products and always promote them.
It all comes down to what you can do for them. Being an individual you can reach a demographic that is hard for the manufacturer. I talk to other enthusiasts at every event I am at, you would be suprised at the number of people that talk to you when your running even moderately fast. Taking your car to VW only events is totally useless to a manufacturer. Guys with riced out VW's at every Car show (hot import nights, etc..) have a better chance to get sponsorship than guys who only go to Waterfest and H2O etc...
Come up with a awesome sponsorship proposal and find ways to make yourself marketable to manufacturers. I have my Website which seems to always go over well with them. I also have Ties to Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (canada's largest import magazine) which they really like too, they get product features tech articles of their product on my car etc... (you guys can get it at Barnes & Noble, Chapters, and convienance stores around the country) It gives them exposure they would not otherwise be able to get themselves. Going to SEMA in Las Vegas to meet people is a great idea too. Contacts are everything, that is the key! Many of my sponsors tell me they get 100 proposals a week and they ALL go into the garbage, but they just couldn't pass mine up, wonder why? You have to make it amazing so they just can't put it down, and have to contact you. The first thing I usually get is "You run 13.1 and only have 80hp shot of nitrous? You win how many events?" That gets the motor running and it's all fun from there. I get asked for more pics of the car, so I direct them to video's of my car on my site instead. That makes a very big impression.
Remember you HAVE to stand out from others as your competition is very heavy for sponsorships and many companies will only sponsor cars that have sponsorship now they can call for references. Now that I have a few, getting more is easier, i'm proven already. NOW is the time to send our your sponsorship proposals as budgets for 2002 are being made now. As VWTechnician said, lots of companies will just give you discounts etc on parts. Be sure you can afford to take whatever form of sponsorship they offer or you will look like an idiot just trying to get free stuff, and somebody with the cash will get your sponsorship. Lots of places will sponsor but want you to pay FULL price upfront. When you complete what is decided upon they will refund part or all of your money.
Good luck, it's a tough game, I get beat by other guys the time, but I'm doing ok... I'm just looking for brakes now...
(anybody out there listening to me?)
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Re: gettin sponsored (VR6Jim)

The real bottom line is..
It is all about who you know.. and how well you can butter people up.

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Re: gettin sponsored (GeoGlxn)

I dont use butter I use Vaseline!!
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Re: gettin sponsored (vwtechnician)

quote:[HR][/HR]I dont use butter I use Vaseline!!
He went there!
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Re: gettin sponsored (turboit)

I would have to touch upon was Jim was saying. Now we both come from Canada and in the Toronto area. It is much harder for us to get sponsored than you u.s. counterparts.
What it boils down to....
Go to lots of events ( I personally attend over 25 events per year, yes this is no typo) From bis shows to little ones, drag events and show and shines.
Talk to vendors, make relationships, get positive feedback.
Remember contacts are the key! the more the better.
You have to put the initial funds in to get the ball rolling.
Make yourself marketable! How are you different? What do you have to offer them?
Get some media eposure!! Website pics from events, magazine shots (doesn't matter how big! It's there!)
You need a proposal, call manufactures up and ask them " what are you looking for in a sponsored vehicle?"
I tell you it was hard, but as of now I have secured several sponsorships . I have Toyo tires, Meguiars, Team PSI, Wheels Direct, Technik Autoworks, and TPS (local performane shop) This year hoping to add ACT, Crane Ignition, Momo, and some rim company.
Good luck
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Re: gettin sponsored (GTI2lo)

thanks for all the help guys
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