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getting a blau repaired...

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My blau crapped out on me. Something got fried in the cd loader. I'm willing to try a repair but am wondering if anyone has good things to say about 'Midwest' which is linked to the Blau. site or if you have had any success elsewhere. The place where I purchased from deals with the 'Sevice Dept.' which is in Tacoma.
This is my second deck in 14 months, the first being replaced under warranty.
I'm still like the deck alot but this is getting silly.
thanks, thomas
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Re: getting a blau repaired... (tommy677)

I hate my Blau. When i turn it up(past 36) and listin to a little bass it dimms and starts to skip and it gets really hot plus the cd does not come out every time....Its the Honalulu (however you spell it)
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