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hey all,
i imagine its been asked a thousand times, but, im getting a new headunit, i had originally planned on getting something by alpine because of their reputation. someone recently told me that their quality has gone downhill over the past few years and that sony makes some great stuff...
anyway, i was thinking about spending maybe $200. can i get some opinions/recomendations?
need aux in

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Sony and Alpine both have strong followings on the vortex but I would go with Alpine LONG before Sony. I'm a dedicated Kenwood person myself and my last 3 CD players from there have endured some abuse. The current models have excellent light matching to the VW interior colors and there are quite a few models to choose from. I'm going with their double-DIN DVD next month!

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Buy what you think sounds best...:)

I used to think Pioneer was the bomb, , I had stuff that lasted over 8 years and is still goin strong and sounding good. BUt my latest head unit (the DEH P8300MP or was it 8400...
) died after 1.5 years. And I am not alone. many of the people I know who have that radio have been dissapointed with the quality.
I still like them and I am still a pioneer guy, but be wary of the stuff with motorized panels, they are junk....
To be honest, most name brand radios (Alpine, Pioneer, Sony etc) are pretty decent quality. I would to to a store and listen to all of the ones in your price range and see what you like best and then buy it....

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Re: getting a new head unit (buyakasha)

Figured I would post these links for anyone looking for a great headunit at a great price....
Ebay link--
Even with the high shipping cost this still only comes upto $291.00
Here is the sellers direct internet store where he is selling the same unit for $100 more-
And Crutchfield's price of $579 + shipping-
I found the receiver on Ebay last night and bought one-- check purchases for the username harryhrowe which is me. I thought I would let other Vortexers know. The same guy is selling other really nice brand new units for as low as $150. I bought a Kenwood kdc-x679 receiver for my 02 GTI and paid $329 + shipping through Crutchfield and this is one of the receivers this seller has for $150. Again, even with their high shipping cost it still only totals to $180!
The seller's Ebay seller name is finestdeals if you want to search for all the car audio (speakers, amps and more) they have on Ebay. The seller has nearly 14,000 positive feedback!
Sorry to step on seller toes here, but these prices are way too good for brand new stuff. You always hear people say they are looking for a good receiver for cheap....
I am not responsible for your buying experience in anyway if you choose to purchase from finestdeals. I do not know finestdeals and have yet to receive the receiver I purchased from them to say whether I received the product or if it is as good as advertised. I am just an average joe kindof guy trying to possibly help others hopefully find a good deal.
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