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Getting dirty

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The jetta is getting dirty, and I would like to wash it. Is a no touch carwash ok for it? I would like to alternate with the carwash and me washing it as I really dont have the time to wash it by hand every week, and it gets really dirty here in Toronto, winter comming and all.
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Re: Getting dirty (nerio)

I like to use the no touch car wash as well. But I waxed it a few times before my first wash.
Make sure to take your antenna off before you go in and drive it around for a while to the water spills outta the holder. I went into a no-touch car wash once and sure enough, the wash part didn't touch the car, then I got the dryer- it was one of those that rolls over the car as you drive thru. it probably woulda ripped the attenna off if my buddy hadn't gotten out and pulled it off it time. I bought him a few
for that one.
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Re: Getting dirty (nerio)

I've heard that drive-thru carwashes have to recycle water, to meet environmental standards. I don't know for sure if it's true, but I don't like the idea of using salt water to wash the salt off my car.
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