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Getting ready for winter!

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Hey guys, sorta new to forums, your posts have been super helpful in getting my 1985 scirocco running again. picked it up in october of '07 and sat in my parents garage until this july.
i am wondering what is the correct motor mount for the front of the engine? there is a bracket on the frame just below the radiator that is a rectangle bracket with a round hole in it. now in the bentley manual it shows a motor mount that has almost like a star pattern like a torx screwdriver head. none of the pictures of the motor mounts that i can buy look like that.
Is the one i have circled the correct one to put in there or not, and if not where does that one go?
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Re: Getting ready for winter! (infinitewisdom99)

You are correct.
The top left is transmission side mount under the airbox
The top right is the transmission lower mount under the steering rack
The bottom left is the engine side mount (properly called the "engine front") it attaches to the framerail on the passenger's side
The bottom right is the front mount, attached to the radiator support
Here is a link to my tech procedure: http://www.vintagewatercooleds...ounts/

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