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Getting ready to replace clutch.

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I'm getting ready to replace the clutch in my cabby it's a 9a tranny. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips. I'm buying a clutch kit from NAPA, should it take longer than two days to do the job, I'm trying to start tomorrow morning and finish by Sunday. Also what other parts should I replace while I'm down there?
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Re: Getting ready to replace clutch. (JJenkin5)

Whole job should take about 4-6hrs your first time. I would replace the throw out bearing, tranny drive seal, and the rear crank seal. Total it's about 25 dollars worth of parts and well worth replacing while you're there. Just follow the instructions and take you time and all should go well.
I'm going to be replacing mine next week. Ordered the 16v PP and clutch kit w/ install kit from Adirondack. Built a engine support this afternoon. Only evident problem I foresee is while dropping the tranny is there enough room to move it to the right, only about 2" to the side. Or am I going to have to drop down the motor a few inches?
Didn't mean to jack your post.
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