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This is oriented at all of you who have younger kids, grandkids or can appreciate some good children's automotive art/literature/lifestyle pieces. Normally I'd be sitting here advocating the positive attributes to giving your kids Hot Wheels at the earliest age possible (which I do by the way), but I came across something a little more special, something with substance, something you could bond with your kids on a different level then toys or sports.

I'm talking about Carpe Viam and the man behind it, Dwight Knowlton. Now I don't know him personally in as much as I follow his FB and Instagram updates, but the guy has really uncovered a niche that hasn't been filled in children's literature (that's not all he does) that can draw in the appreciation of older car enthusiasts and children alike. He is both author, illustrator and business entrepreneur. His products, though mainly focused on children's literature, extends to his art work both on clothing (adult AND children) and on paper.

His first book focuses on a father/son story about a classic Maserati and the road to take it from barn find to road worthy. His second book, a historical account, covers the infamous drive of Sir Stirling Moss in his Mercedes in the 1955 Milla Miglia. His third book, yet to be released, is a story of a father/daughter who take a Porsche 356 across county on Route 66 to the sports car races of California.

If any of my blabbering has perked your interest please go help fund this third book and check out his other two while your at it, I guarantee you wont be disappointed! The link to his website and Kickstarter are below. Thanks for your time!


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