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Ghetto lighting

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Would i be able to paint the bulbs or w/e lights up the gauges with model paint?
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you CAN do anything you want.
The question would be would it look good and be a good idea.
I wouldnt advise it personally.
Re: Ghetto lighting (95jettablue)

ok has any1 done this and how does it look?
Re: Ghetto lighting (95jettablue)

I was thinking the same thing
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Re: Ghetto lighting (Surfingdude81)

if you really want, you can take off your climate control panel, slide that all out, take out the green plastic filter that is there covering the light bulb. That will make your temp fan and vent lights a yellow/clear color. Then get that transparent colored plastic stuff they sell at craft stores and put it on the back of the gauges.
i wouldnt bother with the lights unless they were blown out and had to be replaced anyway personally. Its gonna look ghetto IMO
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