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We had a great weekend meeting enthusiasts and running the in house GTI at the VW Drag Day on the Auto Club's 1/4 mile dragstrip in Fontana. Despite the rain, which lead to the early closure of the track just before elimination rounds, our driver was able to trap a few good times including a 12.739sec at 110.52mph at 1121.27ft above sea level. The GTI actually outdid some Stage 1 and Stage 2 Golf Rs (in trap speed) with programming from other companies, none of whom could hit the 110mph mark. Unfortunately, we did not see any GIAC stage 2 Golf Rs at the event to compare to. Though we are satisfied with the results, we know that there is also more power left on the table, as the GTI was able to do all this without the help of our fuel pump kit, water/meth injection.

• GIAC Stage 2+ in Race Mode and an E30 blend.
• GIAC DSG Tune (Level6 w/clamp303)
• Forge Motorsports Turbo-back,
• Forge Motorsports Intake
• Forge Motorsports Twiner-cooler
• Enkei RPF1’s
• Hoosier Drag Radials

Hopefully the next time we hit the track, conditions will be better and we’ll have upgraded a little bit ;)

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