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Get more from your engine with GIAC’s 2.0T in-tank fuel pump upgrade for MK7, MK6, MK5, and MQB S3 platforms!

The GIAC 2.0T fuel pump allows for more low pressure fuel delivery, in a variety of high fuel demand situations. It increases the flow rate of the low pressure fuel system before the regulator by over 250 liters per hour. Some GIAC supported applications perform best with a low pressure fuel pump upgrade, while other applications we support can use it to run a little more E85 with improved performance and driveability.

This upgrade is recommended for the following applications:

- MK7 GTIs, Golf Rs and other MQB motor owners running a low percentages of E85.
- MK7 Golf Rs running aggressive race mode setups.
- MK7 GTIs running IS38 upgrades.
- MK6 K04 extreme and big turbo customers will benefit from higher fuel pressures in the higher rpm ranges.
- MK5 and MK6 Golf R/S3 running stage 2plusplus or higher programs.
- MK5 GTIs running bigger turbos.

MSRP for the kit is $550 USD and can be purchased at any authorized GIAC Dealer.

Special thanks to Thomas Emmanuele of Emmanuele Design who tested this pump in his 2015 S3. With an older version of GIAC stage 2 engine programming, a GIAC in-tank fuel pump, an intake, intercooler and exhaust, Thomas set the stock turbo quarter mile record, with a 11.86 ET and a 116.74 mph last December.

See more details and pictures on their post: Emmanuele Design S3 Sets New Quarter Mile Record
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