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GIAC chip question?

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I have a 95 OBDI 2.0 8v std. The first performance chip on my car was the TT chip that was programed for my 270 camshaft but after 1 year I have some problems with the chip so I decide to put back the stock chip and now the car work perfect. Now I buy the Garrett chip but the problem is that this chip need to be soldered, I install by myself the TT chip that was just plug in and thats it. My question is, any of you guys know why this chip need to be soldered? Is because the car have the 270 cam? Is because the car is OBDI?
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Re: GIAC chip question? (Volkscavenger)

whats wrong with soldering it? its easy
Re: GIAC chip question? (revelzvr6)

...when u first install a chip on a ODBI you need to solder in a socket, after that all chips should be same as ODBII where u just slip it in...
Re: GIAC chip question? (gti303)

If yo had a TT chip in your '95 than it was already desodered and socketed. The GIAC chip should plug in the same way...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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