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Re: GIAC or APR? (TDIVentoDave)

I chose between Giac and APR on my 1.8T because:
1. Switch chip, its remotely upgradable (from your home pc option).
2. Its soldered in, i've heard of some stories of folks with chips and sockets, and honestly if it was a good idea to socket the chip, it would have been from the factory. A heavy jar could cause a socketed chip to come loose. Giac isn't putting his name on the soldering jobs, they let independent dealers hack them together.
So I went to the source (APR) drove my ass over there, and they were really friendly, popped my ecu out, showed me the bench where they modify ecu's, their whole shop, and bam, drove home. Incredibly friendly service, especially considering i just popped in one day, pretty much unannounced. No wait, no b/s...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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