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gli's and some q's

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my buddy at school has a 89 jetta gli, he has 1.816v with cruise control power everything, but what i noticed today is that his interior is blue and the recaros have blue pinstripes on them (in the middle section) I have never seen these, how rare are they? btw, i have a 91 gti 2.0l 16v and i have recaros also.
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Re: gli's and some q's (TommyC83)

Your friend probably has the Helios Blue Edition GLi. It was only sold in 1989 and there were only 1,500 of them. It had blue Recaros, blue BBS wheels and all of the power options.
So to answer your question, yes the car is rare and you will not see too many around.
Re: gli's and some q's (TommyC83)

That's too bad about the shape of the car.
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