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Thought I would post on here first, seeing as this is a major car forum and since I am a long active member on Vortex...
My company is a green consulting firm in NYC that helps building owners, developers, agents, etc facilitate the process of obtaining a LEED status and initiating greening effects for their buildings.
We also educate those in the industry and outside of it on the LEED process and sustainable efforts. In addition, we host fund-raising events for The Nature Conservancy that help raise awareness, act as a social event and most importantly get money for a good cause.
We are looking to branch out to seek corporate sponsors for our upcoming events. For example an event we are attending in Dec. has Lexus Hybrid as one of their corporate sponsors. This isnt a high-profile event, which made me wonder how applicable or attainable it would be to get a car sponsor.
I was thinking of GM Hybrid and the possibility of VAG or MB? Does anyone have experience with them being a sponsor of an event? Be it, large or small? I searched on GMs site and VW and couldn't find any contacts or much resources for this type of scenario.
Input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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