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here lately my digi2 8v has been running very very ****ty and i think its about time i go ahead and retire the motor since its about to turn over 200K. I do have many options on the table like OBD1 VR6, and G60. I could of course go with a 16v, 2L 8v, or a 1.8T but a OBD1 VR6 and a G60 are the easiest ones to do. i figured yeh i love the Vr6 so ill research that route. i researched and its not a bad idea but usually you run into alot of problems like most swaps and u haft to get a good suspension that way you dont kill yourself. then not to long ago it dawned on me, why not just do a G60 swap since my harness can be modded to become a digi 1. but i dont like S/Cs, and i know the G60 isnt the best S/C made, so i thought id research into going G60 turbo since its ready for boost. i have been looking at parts to assemble this motor and still looking for certain things and lining things up to make it go smoothly. so far i have found a G60 long block for 300 with no electrics, i think im going to use a 1.8T intercooler or one from an audi. Ill mount the intercooler where the battery is and relocate the battery in the hatch ill mount the intercooler at an angle kinda like its leaning against the shock tower that way i dont haft to hack my bumper up and itll cut back on all that piping. I plan to use a T3 turbo form a volvo or a CT26 turbo from a MK4 Toyota Supra. Ill prolly use G60 front axles, brakes, calipers, etc in front and ill just use the entire rear disk brake assembly and hook it all up to a G0 master cylinder with stainless lines. This is going into my 1992 VW Golf GL 4 Door, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or Tips that would help me i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!

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Re: going from digi2 8v--->G60 Turbo (German_Muscle)

crap i bought my corrado g60 "toffee" for $1300, rebuilt the charger myself, and drive it every day. So you can find a deal on them if you look around.
the car needed paint, motor mount, shift lever, and tune up, fpr, and pulley. It's quite a beater, but i've got a total of $2200 in her.
But it will probably still spank many cars

Don't dismiss the g60 swap option, you can really find cheap deals on a whole corrado and swap it all over..
if you can find a wrecked on (easy) you might be able to beat that price.
I was thinking bout getting a gti or something again, but honestly, i love the corrado a bit more in the comfort department.
VR6 sounds good too, but thats alot of weight, and quite frankly, i've yet to drive a vr6 that has blown me away. unless you plan to dump the cash to turbo it, then VR6 all the way...
costwise g60's and the cars they come with are sitting pretty miserably on the market right now..

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Re: going from digi2 8v--->G60 Turbo (mrkrad)

well the digi2 blew up the other day, is there anything i can salvage from this motor to help supposrt my G60 turbo project? like the throttle body or somethin. heres my parts list so farif its blank then i havent decided on it.
G60 Turbo Project
Electronics: Stock G60 Bosch Digifant 1
ECU Chip:
Block: G60
Pistons: G60
Rods: G60
Crank: Knife Edged G60
Head: Port & Polished G60
Cam: BBM G60 268/260 Asymmetrical Camshaft----$197.95
Cam Gear: Techtonics Adjustable Cam Sprocket for 8v----90
Valvesprings: Schrick High Performance Valvespring x8----200
Exhaust Manifold:
Intake Manifold: Port & Polished G60
Throttle Body:
Turbocharger: T3 From a Volvo 240 Turbo or CT25 From MK4 Supra
Oil Cooler:
Fuel Pump: Walboro 255lph----110
Fuel Rail: BBM Billet 8V Fuel Rail----$199.95
Fuel Pressure Regulator: Bahn Brenner Rising Rate----$249.95
Injectors: BBM High Flow G60 315cc----$279.95
Spark Plugs: Denso Iridium plugs x4----$72.00
Spark Plug Wires: BBM 8mm Silicone G60 Spark Plug Wires----$69.95
Blow Off Valve: GReddy Type S
Headgasket: Techtonics G60 Headgasket/BBM G60 Copper Head Gasket--$129.95
Oil Pan: Schrick Aluminum Oil Pan w/ baffle
Boost Controller: APEXi AVC-R
Turbo Timer: GReddy Full Auto
Motor Mounts:
Coolant Hoses: Samco
Fuel Cooler: Mr Gasket Cool Can

If you have any suggestions, tips, or know of a better part post up!Thanks

Modified by German_Muscle at 11:21 PM 7-23-2003

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Re: going from digi2 8v--->G60 Turbo (mrkrad)

VR6 sounds good too, but thats alot of weight, and quite frankly, i've yet to drive a vr6 that has blown me away. unless you plan to dump the cash to turbo it, then VR6 all the way...
damn you should ride in my bro's friend's car. he dropped $10,000 on a new 3.1L motor with cams, p&p head, one of a kind limited slip, and shorter gears, needless to say the thing hauls some serious ass, we're talkin 0 to 60 in like 5.5 secs and he runs the 1/4 mile in like 12 secs without even gutting his car to lose all the weight.
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