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Golf IV w/ Monsoon upgrade questions

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My '02 GTI came with the Monsoon sound system and I find it a little bit lacking. I plan to do an upgrade, and I plan to get these components:
Clarion DB415 head unit
Alpine MRV-T707 2-channel amp
Alpine SWS-1240 Type-S 12" subwoofer in basic pre-made box
The Alpine amp will be powering the Alpine sub. As for power to the stock speakers... that's what I am thinking about.

Would it be better to keep my Monsoon amp to power my stock speakers? Or should I yank out the Monsoon system entirely and power the stock speakers using my new HU?
And if I decide to keep my Monsoon amp to power the stock speakers, what special wiring will I need to get done by my installer to make the new Clarion HU work with the Monsoon amp?
How will the Alpine sub hook up to my system if I choose to keep the Monsoon amp? Will it hook up to the Clarion or the Monsoon amp?
One last question... which method is more cost-effective? Keeping Monsoon or using the HU to power the speakers?
Thanks for all the input guys!

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Re: Golf IV w/ Monsoon upgrade questions (Deception)

Initially, you are probably better off keeping the Monsoon amp to power the front/rear speakers.Install your new hu, amp and sub,and see how you like that arrangement.If you still think it's not enough then look at new speakers and an amp to replace the Monsoon.If you like how it sounds with keeping the Monsoon,pocket book wise you're better off,since you had to put down a little more money for the Monsoon to begin with.
Installing an aftermarket hu to the Monsoon is pretty easy.All you need is the normal wiring harness adapter.The Monsoon amp is different from most other amps in that it doesn't require a remote 12v turn on.So,that's one less thing to worry about there.
The sub amp really ain't too difficult either.You'll use the non-fading sub woofer RCA outputs from the new hu,to supply the signal.Also,you'll need to use the remote 12v output of the new hu to turn on the sub amp.The rest of the amp wiring is power directly from the battery,and chassis ground.
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Re: Golf IV w/ Monsoon upgrade questions (MADBUG)

From what I understand, in order for me to use a Clarion head unit together with the Monsoon amp, I will need a wiring adapter?
Re: Golf IV w/ Monsoon upgrade questions (Deception)

From what I understand, in order for me to use a Clarion head unit together with the Monsoon amp, I will need a wiring adapter?[HR][/HR]​
I thought that was the case too but I found out that you don't need anything special. Hook it up using the same wiring adapter as you would on a Non-Monsoon VW. Like MADBUG said, the Monsoon Amp senses audio for it's turn on instead of requiring a 12v turn on wire.
I just did the exact same setup you are doing. Except I used a Kenwood eXcelon 917. I choose the 917 so I could have Sirius Radio and the Phatbox. But also Kenwood puts a feature called System E's in their HU. It is a sort of EQ / Crossover. It is designed to get the most out of stock speakers. I will say that the Monsoon was crap before and now it sounds pretty damn good. Of course it could be better... But I am very happy for now. That is until MADBUG starts making the A pillar Pods for the NB. Then I will stop using the Monsoon all together. Anyway the sub has it's own amp just like you are doing and I used the NF Pre out for it. So see.... You could have this done today!!! It really is very easy. Oh and if your HU has the dimmer wire, hook it up. It looks awsome on my Kenwood.
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Re: Golf IV w/ Monsoon upgrade questions (Deception)

I added a RF Punch 500 and a JL 10W6 in a small sealed box to the existing Monsoon system. The amp gets the signal from the rear speakers, so you can adjust the bass with fader.
It is not the best system but it was easy to install and it sounds way better.
I would suggest to start with the amp and sub since it will make the most noticable difference. The Punch 500 is small enough to fit in the spare tire and the sub sounds very tight. The jack and the tools are stashed between the CD changer and taillight. The only thing visible in the trunk is the sub box.
I agree with Madbug to keep the Monsoon system and see how you like it.
Re: Golf IV w/ Monsoon upgrade questions (Niko)

Sounds good! I've changed my mind about the HU and I plan to get a Kenwood KDC-V7017 instead. (47W x 4; 22W x 4 RMS)
I've received different advice from other car audio enthusiasts about whether I should use the new HU to power my stock speakers, or keep the Monsoon amp to power the speakers. I am a bit strapped for cash right now so I might get my HU installed then get the amp/sub done in the future.
Any more opinions on this? (Use Monsoon to power stock speakers, or use new HU to power the speakers?)
Thanks for all the help guys/gals!

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Re: Golf IV w/ Monsoon upgrade questions (Deception)

I have a gti w/ monsoon option.
I have a kenwood MP8017 HU to play my mp3 cds
The stock monsoon amp is powering the tweeters (front & rear)
My alpine 357 amp (5 channel) is juicing the stock (front & rear) woofers
and the 5th channel is powering my kappa perfect 12" sub.
Since it's a 5 channel amp, the sub is playing at near minimum wattage, but the sound is real nice and clear w/ my setup. The sub is bumped to max gain on the amp and it's an overall good system since the bass doesn't drown out the rest of the speakers.
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