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A2 Faq

To have anything added to this list, please PM me.Before you begin working on your car a quality repair manual such as the Bentley is a must.
For fuel injection specific problems the Bosch Fuel Injection Manual can be of great assistance as well.
If your a new member, please see the New Members FAQ, HERE.
Jan's VW Pages
If you want to see lots and lots of pictures of mk2's, in any colour and wheel combination you desire, click HERE.
When you are searching for an answer to a question, use the Vortex search function. if you cannot find the answer to you question in the Recent Topics try changing the Data Set to Archived Topics and you might find an answer.
1) Wheels
2) Lighting & Electrical
3) Suspension
4) Under hood problems
5) Transmission
6) Motor Swaps
7) Adding Forced Induction
8) Interior
9) Braking
10) Engine Improvements
11) Body
12) Miscellaneous
Original A2 FAQ
An Excellent list of various diy threads can be found HERE.

A list of company urls selling mk2 related parts can be found here.
Also HERE.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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