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Golf Questions

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Okay this might be stupid. Besides the obvious body design and front end, what are the differences between a Golf and a Jetta? I am talking Jetta GL versus Golf GL here.
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Re: Golf Questions (berettaboi)

Different Hubcaps
Different Air Vents in the dash
Other than that, I'm not sure
Re: Golf Questions (berettaboi)

Stuff above plus.
Our hatch is less secure. Since it's just the tray that seperates it from the cabin there are no seat locks nor is there a lock on the drivers door for it.
We get real city lights, and you can use them if you buy a euroswitch. And our lights look way cooler in general

We don't get leather
Our hatch is smaller when the tray is on and the seats are up, once the seats are down or the tray is removed we have ALOT more storage area.
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Re: Golf Questions (landrumdh)

City lights? Do you mean rear fogs and the ability to control the parking lights independantly like a Mercedes?
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